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We’re happy to present new arrivals to the party! The 1986 and 1987 recordings, just added today, are thanks to Greg Thomas (’88), who digitized his aging cassette tapes. He posted the recordings at, where you can download and burn them to CDs. Thanks, man!


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  1. I was blessed to sing with Tony from 1965 to 1972 when I left Pingry (would have been class of ’73). One year we did a production of Ezielkiel Saw The Wheel with a finale that included a Rube Goldberg percussion contraption that made a glorious crash. I know it was recorded but don’t find it in your archives. Do you know if it survived? Good job on this priceless compilation!!

    • Hey Peter, happy you found the site! Not sure what happened to that recording you mention, but there is a crashing noise — much to the audience’s delight — toward the end of the 1967 recording of “Pilgrim of Love” … check out No. 6 here.

      Maybe that was the glorious crash, or something similar?

      • Thanks for your reply. I distinctly remember it was “Ezekiel” that had , not only a huge crash at the end, but sound effects, like a slide whistle, throughout. I’m thinking it was during the ’68 – ’70 season or thereabouts. I wonder what happened to that. It was a real crowd pleaser! ( I did listen to the one you mentioned…)

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