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I attended Pingry School for five years, graduating in 1976. Much of that time was spent in rehearsals for the Glee Club, Balladeers, Buttondowns and Brass Choir. I often find myself humming the songs we performed back then. When my children were younger, I found that “Sassasafras” and “Coney Island Baby” did the trick at bedtime.

My thanks to Julie Rindfleisch Granville, my wife, who never once rolled her eyes after the countless times I had to leave the dinner table and run upstairs to turn the album over.

Kevin Granville



Posted July 10, 2011 by kjgranville

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  1. I’m so glad I stumbled across this site. What a labor of love to make these recordings available online. Thank you Kevin, for doing that! My sister Alex and I both played trumpet in the Brass Choir and Jazz Band and sang with the Glee Club and Balladeers, 1988-1992. (Yes, it’s our 20 year reunion this year). My sister April played the french horn and also sang with both groups as well. She attended Pingry from 1984-1990. We all have so many good memories of music practice and performing together- it was a highlight of our Pingry experience! Although I don’t play trumpet anymore, in college I sang with and directed Vocal Point, the University of Rochester’s women’s a cappella group (the U of R men’s group, the Yellowjackets, competed on The Sing Off this season). Now I sing with a mixed voice 6 person a cappella group called “Voice Is”. We have on several occasions performed the very same music and arrangements as those we learned at Pingry years ago. Thanks again for creating this site, and providing this walk down memory lane! Christa Tinari, ’92

  2. What happened to 1999?

    • Yeah, sorry, 1999 is one of six years missing from this collection. It’s a bummer. If anyone has a 1999 “Music at Pingry” CD and can mail it to me, I’ll add it to the site and get it back to you.

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